Highly Condutive Garment & Electrode Spray- 50ml Bottle

Highly Condutive Garment & Electrode Spray- 50ml Bottle

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Signaspray skin prep solution is for use in dampening conductive garments & or spraying sticky surface of electrodes, where it enhances electrical stimulation and conductivity.

Product Features:

  • Ideal for use with conductive garments
  • Works great with rubber adhesive & non-adhesive electrodes
  • Re-hydrate your self adhesive electrodes to last longer
  • Help transfer the current better to the skin
  • Reduce skin irritation from dry electrodes
  • Highly conductive spray containing electrolyte solution in a clear green aqueous liquid
  • Bacteriostatic, non-staining
  • No residue build-up
  • Easy to apply, and easy to clean
  • Works well with most electrotherapy, frequency and or micro-current devices. devices

When using on GARMENTS & ELECTRODES, the solution has a three main benefits for nerve health.

First, the electrolytes in the solution help conduct and spread the electrical impulses from the unit evenly across the treated skin and throughout conductive socks, Cuffs, gloves, and Knee garments.

Second, the minerals in the solution are absorbed through the skin. Once in body, they nourish nerve cells, allowing them to repair themselves and function more efficiently.

Finally, the solution’s delicate balance of electrolytes and minerals helps it become more conductive.

The SignaSpray Prep Electrolyte & Garment Spray is designed to provide ideal skin preparation for use with all of your electrotherapy, frequency and or micro-current devices.

The spray is very easy to apply and does not create any type of mess. Using this spray really helps prolong the life of your reusable self-adhesive electrodes. The Conductive Spray works together with our high quality stimulation electrodes; making sure the electrodes have great conductivity.

When the electrical current travels from your device through the lead wires and through your electrodes, it is very important to make sure the electrode can transfer the current through the pad and onto your skin. The highly conductive spray is the perfect solution. It helps make sure that the electrical current is evenly distributed through the electrodes and on to your skin, providing a soft and comfortable stimulation.