Collection: Ultimate Animal Harness, Holder & Electrode Kit with Cuffs

Custom Animal Kit includes: Multiple Sizes Available (XXXS, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL) Measure the chest circumference of the animal.   

***Currently item takes 5 days to fulfill- HIGH DEMAND

1 BLACK Adjustable Animal Harness, 1 Device Holder with strong Carabiner, 2 Rubber Non-Adhesive Electrodes, 2- Animal adjustable Velcro cuffs, 1 Set of Lead wires, 1 8.5 oz bottle of animal electrolyte and mineral drops for drinking water

- Qty 1 - Black Adjustable Animal Pet Harness (you pick size) mesh and comfortable

- Qty 1 - Protective Frequency Device Pouch/Holder with strong Screw latch Carabiner

- Qty 2 - Rubber reusable Electrodes - 

Non-Adhesive Electrodes, 1.5" X 1.75"

- Qty 1 - Set of Lead wires to attach to device and electrodes

The Lead Wire Extenders add an additional 18 inches of length to our standard electrotherapy lead wires.

Features the industry-standard, 2mm-diameter, pin-style connection point (female to male).

- Qty- 2 - Custom Velcro adjustable

Frequency Bandz Electrode cuffs which hold the Rubber electrodes & attach to animal upper forearms (can dampen)

- Qty 1- 220 ml bottle of  DoggieWater Concentrate No Flavor Dog Supplement, Electrolyte drops for pet's water!
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  • Ultimate Animal Harness, Holder & Electrode Kit with Cuffs (Specifically marked at 30% off)
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