How to Use Frequency Bandz Products



Getting the Most from Your Frequency Bandz, Ear Clip Electrodes, and Garments
Important: Frequency Bandz items are made of multiple conductive materials.  The garment, wristbands and or ear clips can and will rust at snap-connection point or tarnish based on daily use, normal wear and tear, and exposure to moisture, gel and salt. 


For Best Results - Each person receives frequencies at different strengths.  First you will need to adjust the percentage level of your frequency device by pressing the (+) button until you are successful.  Customers have found that 20-40% is ideal. 

  • Adjust Frequency Bandz to fit snug on your wrists so they sit just past your palms with the snaps facing outward on your wrists. (Ear Clips, gently position on your ear lobes)
  • Stay Hydrated! All bodies are mineralized differently.  Add electrolytes, salt and minerals to your water.  Drink 8oz of mineralized water within an hour before and or during a micro current /frequency program.  Add to your daily water intake routine with a pinch of salt (Celtic or Himalayan preferred).
  • Use Conductive Gel or Wet Cotton Ball (Adding Salt on top is Optional) To enhance conductivity, place a pea-sized amount of ultrasound conductive gel on your wrist, under the snap before each use. Alternatively, you may place a damp cotton ball also between the black vinyl and your wrist and or (ear clips). Optional - for additional conductivity, add iodized salt included in our sample pack to gel or wet cotton ball on your wrist.  Important: Frequency Bandz cannot be submerged in water or any liquid. They are made of conductive materials and can tarnish.  Please keep gel/cotton ball in contact with black waterproof vinyl on the underside of the Bandz only or (pads on ear clips).
  • Be Patient! Wait 2-5 minutes for your frequency device to deliver frequencies successfully.

Additional Suggestions

  • Take Several Mineral Baths per Week - Put 1 cup of Epson Salt to your bath and Soak for 15-20 minutes.
  • Try Multiple Frequencies – If you are having trouble receiving a specific frequency, exit current program and try another similar program. Different frequencies work differently on different people.  Be Patient! 


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